Drone Light Show

Precisely choreographed drone displays

Bespoke choreography in-house 3D design
State of the art rain proof
We bring your ideas to light! Whatever they are

Drone show events

Experience the wonder of drone light shows, a cutting-edge spectacle of visual expression perfect for a variety of occasions. Our extensive array of awe-inspiring presentations includes tailor-made performances for nuptials, business gatherings, cultural festivals, live music events, and countless other unforgettable celebrations.

Advertising / PR in the sky

Imagine your brand logo illuminated across the night sky by a fleet of drones.

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Corporate events

Turn your brand's message and logo into a stunning visual narrative.

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Festivals / concerts

Create a spectacle of lights at large events such as Glastonbury and Proms In The Park.

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Firework events

Merge technology and tradition, as drones join fireworks to create an unforgettable celestial shows.

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Christmas light switch on’s

How about a Christmas-themed spectacle of lights dancing across the night sky?

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National / Cultural events

Light up your special event with drones that embody the spirit of the occasion.

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Firework replacement

Specialists in firework shows and alternatives to traditional display.

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Make your proposal unforgettable with a dazzling drone light display.

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Spectacularly spooky Halloween highlights - animate the night sky, for those who dare.

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Weddings / parties

Planning your special day? Fancy a spectacular wedding drone display instead of fireworks?

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Drone Display Company

About DroneSwarm

At DroneSwarm, we stand at the forefront of drone light show innovation, offering bespoke design, expert operation, and comprehensive consultancy services. With the honour of being the pioneering UK company to secure CAA authorisation for drone light shows, we've since established an unrivalled track record, orchestrating more shows across the country than any of our competitors.

Our passion lies in creating enchanting drone light spectacles tailored to elevate any event. Whether it's the romantic ambiance of a wedding, the professional backdrop of corporate gatherings, the dynamic energy of festivals and concerts, or any celebration craving a touch of magic, our portfolio is a testament to unforgettable experiences made vivid through our customised displays.

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Drone Light Show Supplier

Why Choose Us

  • We hold Swarm Operational Authorisation with CAA and other aviation authorities
  • Unique supplier in the UK - Drones, Fireworks, Lasers, Lighting, PA - all in-house
  • We can fly in wind and rain
  • We produce stunning laser displays to compliment drone shows
  • We underwrite your drone show free of charge with fireworks or lasers
  • Formed in 1999 - we're 25 years old
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Drone show experts

Meet the team

Mat Lawrence

Project Director

I am responsible for managing the project from its initiation to the production phase. Holding a CAA PFCO certification since 2015, I also liaise with the CAA to ensure coordination.

Karl Fochtmann

Technical Director

My responsibilities include securing the necessary technology to realise our vision, as well as designing LED and pyrotechnic hardware and creating custom software.

John Allcock

Hardware Director

I am responsible for the management and maintenance of our drone fleet, playing a pivotal role in their deployment and the actualisation of our projects. My expertise in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) extends over several decades, and I am certified as a CAA PFAW pilot.

John Malam

Client Liason

I'll usually be your point of contact from the start. From initial enquiry to liasing with our creative and technical teams.

Matej Vaculik

Animation Lead

As the lead animator at DroneSwarm, I manage the team responsible for developing our animations.


"Incredible drone show at Goodwood, it was terrific. We had lots of positive feedback from our media guests!"

Bespoke choreography in-house 3D design
State of the art rain proof
We bring your ideas to light! Whatever they are

Common questions

We have established ourselves as pioneers in formulating a strong suite of processes and operational approaches that comply with the regulations and directives of the Civil Aviation Authority. Our organisation possesses the essential authorisation granted by the CAA, which is generally acknowledged in nations beyond the UK's borders. It goes without saying that we are also equipped with the requisite insurance coverage to conduct drone light shows.

Our drones have water-resistant capabilities. Additionally, our equipment is capable of flying in light rainfall, provided that the conditions do not escalate to heavy or continuous downpours.

It's essential to secure a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) through an application to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) or local Flight Restriction Zone. This serves as an alert to notify aircraft about the event.

Typically, a 28-day advance notice is required; however, should your timeframe be shorter, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

It's also considerate to inform the local police, in case people start report seeing lights in the sky.

The cost of a drone light show varies based on the quantity of drones utilised and the complexity of the animation involved. For a quote, please contact us directly.

Our dedicated in-house animation team meticulously crafts each spectacle we present. We provide detailed visuals and renders to aid in the selection process for your display's various scenes.

Following approval, we proceed to produce a comprehensive animation and conduct rigorous testing.

We design the show's choreography using advanced 3D animation software. We have written our own software tools to assist in creating class leading displays and we offer a visual representation of the choreographed sequence, our service includes delivering the animation as a video and/or providing photographic visuals.

Yes!  And all in-house.  Our comprehensive service includes the provision of both small-scale and large-scale fireworks, sophisticated laser shows, dynamic lighting, and PA systems, all of which we supply in-house.

Our company possesses a vast array of resources and a dedicated team capable of delivering turnkey solutions for events.

Additionally, we offer professional filming and drone photography services to capture your occasions from every angle.

The space required depends upon the height of the display. However, to provide a ballpark figure, a minimum area of 130m by 150m should be allocated as a secure zone, which must be maintained as a secure location throughout.

Don't hesitate to reach out via email or telephone initially.

We're keen to understand your needs and will eagerly put forward various proposals and creative solutions.

While a minimum of four weeks is ideal for us to design a spectacular drone show, we have delivered with as little as 30hrs notice.

To ensure your display meets the highest standards, our animation team prefers several weeks to meticulously plan and execute your vision.

Additionally, coordinating with the Civil Aviation Authority and nearby airports to secure airspace is an integral part of the process that requires ample time.

Certainly, we offer bespoke drone light displays for weddings. Our expertise lies in tailoring each segment of the performance to fit the unique visions of you and your beloved.

To offer a budget-friendly option, we also have pre-choreographed shows that can be performed at your chosen location, featuring sky-high initials of you and your partner — a great moment for photographs.

We are equipped to curate a playlist based on your preferences – or we can propose selections for your consideration. Should you require a narrative to unfold alongside a tailor-made soundtrack, rest assured we are adept in managing the entire process, ensuring meticulous editing and mixing of the soundtrack.

Additionally, we offer the service of commissioning exclusive music, providing you with a truly one-of-a-kind and customised experience.

Our system enables lighting designers to manage the swarm's colour scheme using artnet or DMX control.

From the outset, we recognised that the existing market offerings did not satisfy our stringent criteria. Since our establishment in 1999, our mission has been to lead the industry in innovation.

Our approach involves designing drones from scratch, ensuring every aspect originates from within our expert teams. We have specialists dedicated to CAD designs for parts, PCB layouts, firmware and software development.

It's with immense pride that we represent one of the global leaders in swarm drone technology—a product crafted entirely in the UK.

Send an email to info@droneswarm.co.uk telling us your location and any relevant experience you may have.